About Srishti

Born in Kolhapur and raised in Bangalore, Srishti Sanjay Daiv is a self-taught fine artist with wild, curly hair that are almost-always smoothened.

She has completed her Bachelors in Visual Art, all along refusing to learn how to draw a nose. She spends her time reading, cooking and trying really hard to revive the plants in her little balcony.


You don't just wake up one day and decide that you are going to buy a painting. You may say that about a television, a book, a chair; but not a painting.

Srishti realised that selling paintings for a living was going to be a difficult task. She had to give her painting another functionality apart from just being a painting; another purpose. Something that lets her art move more freely across the world and not just from wall to wall. Hence, Surfaces by Srishti was created.

Each Surface is hand-painted by the artist herself and once it is sold, it is out of her system as well. Each series is limited in quantity as well.

Taking complete advantage of the name, 'Surfaces' is free to expand into any industry. Today it is a bar stool, tomorrow it could be anything else.